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character relationships.
Tim did a lot of his growing up with Cissie; hell, she was one of the first girls to kiss him. He considers her one of his good friends - among those who know his heroic identity, and his real one, and on top of that, he trusts her. Almost implicitly. They fell out of contact for years, though, which left a rift that they don't always address, and he doesn't really know how to repair.

She's still one of his best friends on the Barge, though, and he doesn't want to see her hurt; which makes it really tough when he feels responsible for her being hurt. Like not telling her he was dating Shego. And not being able to stop her from dating Sylar - but that would have been a hard line between friend and jerk, anyway.

Cissie King-Jones
Steph. Where is he supposed to start with Steph? As far as Tim is concerned, he loved her - she might have been the first girl he really loved - and she broke his heart. Her 'death' came such a short time before his Dad's that losing them was like losing his purpose.

And then, of course, it turned out she wasn't dead, and he was elated; she'd come back, other people had come back, this was only fair. It was like the universe had finally stopped beating the punching bag marked Tim Drake. Only, then he found out she'd never actually been dead, she'd just gone along with Leslie's plan to let him think that. And to top it off, Bruce hadn't even been surprised. It was like everyone had had an inkling that she wasn't dead - except for him.

Then there was the whole orchestrating hits on him to 'make him better' and putting lots of lives on the line in the process thing - and Tim's having a really hard time forgiving her. He wants to, in a way, because he's always going to have feelings for her - but he can't separate those feelings from that sense of betrayal yet.

Stephanie Brown
Tim's pretty sure this relationship dates back to that camp flood, but it's hard to be sure. Besides, he doesn't really want to wonder if the crush developed during the flood while they weren't themselves, or what - because this is the first relationship he's had in a really long time that has gone well. There is a hot older woman who is interested in him, Tim does not want to screw that up. He still hasn't used the L word - well, not directly - but they have had their first big fight! These are steps in what may be the right direction, if he doesn't put his foot in his mouth eventually.

Then again, they had sex, and according to YJ rules, he's supposed to die withing a few months of that. So we'll see how things go.

Martha was Tim's first crush on the Barge. He kind of equates it to the thing he had for Officer Harper - gorgeous older woman who was easy to talk to. But that petered out, mostly because she treated him more like a little brother than anything else, and that's kind of a buzz kill. He didn't mind, though; Martha has been a great friend. She was one of the few to figure out that he has a superhero identity on the side. ...She was also the one to show him those horrific Batman movies, so it kind of evens out. Kind of.

Martha Jones
The Doctor is Tim's father figure aboard the Barge. Obviously that was helped along by the carnie flood, where they thought the Doctor had adopted Tim - but the feeling stuck around even after everything was back to normal. The Doctor is absolutely nothing like Tim's father, or Bruce - but he's a real personality, and kind of a force of nature all his own, and Tim likes him. He hates disappointing him, too, like he did when he beat the Joker while in Zero - and that more than anything is a pretty clear indicator that Tim cares about the Doctor.

The Seventh Doctor
Tim met Molly through Cissie; he has a habit of looking in on his friends' friends. Just to be sure everything's kosher. It worked out, though; Molly turned into a pretty decent friend of his own, especially after spending a flood virtually handcuffed to each other. Apparently she's another person he plays little brother to, and really, that isn't so bad. It helps that he never had a real crush on her, at least.

Molly Carpenter
More than once, Tim has considered giving up on Sylar and asking for an inmate change. He's never vocalized it, because he's sure that would ruin things between them, but Sylar has always been a frustration. They make progress at the oddest times - mainly while being furious with each other - and Sylar's habit of following every single person Tim knows from home has grown more than tiresome. After he dated and broke up with Cissie, only to sleep with Steph, Tim very nearly lost it and pummeled his inmate. But he didn't - because of course, that was when another piece of the Sylar puzzle was filled in. Tim is regularly angry with his inmate, but at least it's good practice in controlling that anger.

Iroh is as close to Alfred as Tim can get here. He cooks great food, he's observant - ans he's kind. Maybe he doesn't have that British sarcasm, but Tim likes Iroh all the same. He's a good guy - there aren't that many of them around. And he's impressive, in his own way; after spending years of hunting down people's secret IDs, he's got a good eye for when people are hiding something - or when there's just more beneath the surface.

Nygma's hard to get a dime on. He frustrates Tim to no end on occasion, with his insistent hints about Tim's identity, but he's also, occasionally, a decent person. Occasionally. He slips up; that thing with Crane's fear gas, for one, is not something Tim's about to forget. But he's been helpful since then; even if Eddie at his most helpful wasn't technically Eddie. It counts; sort of.

Edward Nygma
Slade makes everything complicated. For the most part, Tim has avoided him; it's safer. After the Aztec flood, though, Tim is a little more inclined to think well of Slade. Okay - not well. But better than he did. Even if the attempt didn't work, Tim supported the idea to carry a bomb to the heart of the problem; he'd have been a pretty big hypocrite if he objected after everything he did witht he LEague of Assassins.

Slade Wilson
Though the Joker's gone now - and Tim is damn pleased he is - he left his mark. Joker killed Shego, and in a fit of revenge, not something he usually gives into, Tim went to Joker's cell in Zero and beat him senseless. He admitted to it afterward and did his penitence, but it's not something he'll be forgetting anytime soon, even with the clown off the Barge. Tim hopes he stays off the Barge.

The Joker
Crane is a troll. Tim does not like trolls. They are intensely annoying creatures, with a potential for danger. If fear gas ever crops up again, Tim will be all to happy to beat Crane's face in with a canister of it.

Jonathan Crane
Tom wasn't around for too long, but Tim had no idea how to approach him. With anger, usually; Bruce's brother from another universe, some twisted version of Batman - it struck chords he didn't like being struck. But then, seeing Tommy as a kid, right after the murder of his mom and brother, well. It was hard to write Tom off after that.

Thomas Wayne
Tim is completely torn over what to do about Vince's addiction. He keeps an eye on the actor, though - mostly because he's fairly positive Vince knows his secret identity, and because, well. It seems to him that Vince needs a friend. Which is kind of hard to be when Vince acts like a total dick, but Tim tries.

Vincent Chase
It was really hard not to geek out at Captain Kirk. Even if it wasn't the one Tim was used to, it was pretty freaking awesome. Eventually, it got to be less of a nerd out and more of a chance to be friends. Not the best of, but Tim likes him well enough. Besides, Kirk is Shego's warden - better to stay on his good side.

Jim Kirk