peektuttut: (T; Well that went to hell)
Tim Drake ([personal profile] peektuttut) wrote2012-02-12 11:07 pm

➹ 90 | Video

[Tim has been pretty absent from the Barge for the past week or so. He's been seen getting food, but he hasn't been particularly all, really. He's been in brooding mode. It's a thing he does. So the signs that he's been getting sick have been largely missed, most particularly by himself.

When the video clicks on, there's a groan, and the device wavers for a moment before steadying. Tim is in bed, shirtless because that is how he sleeps, and he's holding the camera above him. And he looks like shit. When he talks, it comes out as a croak. His sore throat went from bad to worse.]

Someone bring me chicken soup. Please.

[His arm gets tired and you all get an extreme close up of his forehead, because that's where he's resting the device. The rest of the audio is muffled, since the mic is like an inch from his mouth.]

Oh my God I think I'm dying. [He's just being a drama queen. But he does groan again, and the picture shuffles and shifts as he rolls over, dragging the covers up over his head before the feed clicks off.]

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