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Tim Drake ([personal profile] peektuttut) wrote2012-05-28 10:10 pm

➹ 95 | Voice

All right, I need everyone to listen up. Gotham's a big city, and there are a lot of people still trapped here. Worse, there more people who want to take advantage of this. I know most of you have seen this first hand by now. I've got the equipment and the experience here to keep eyes on most of the city, but I'm going to need cooperation here. I know a lot of you want to help, and that's all I'm asking for here.

Robinson Park, for the time being, is off limits. [He sees your monster trees on satellite, Ivy, and he does not like. B|] But there's a situation in Aparo Park that needs attention; ping me for details. [Because he knows not everyone listening is keen on helping, and he isn't about to make things worse for these people.] Same for the Heights; if anyone can spare the time and attention, I've got a lot of places that need to be hit.

[Edited in a few minutes later:] There's a drug called Titan on the streets. It seems to have a direct physical affect - basically an instant bulk up. Can't speak for the side effects, but if it's based on Venom - and I'd guess it is - then I'm willing to bet there are some ugly ones. If you run into anyone on this stuff, be careful - and send me any info you can.

[Private to Cassie]

I need you to get in the air and keep me updated on what the satellites can't. [He's got his TITANS TOGETHER voice on, can you tell. :c]

[Private to Superboy and Steph]

Can you get to the Bowery? There's a gang holing up there. Nasty looking.

[Private to Shego]

[Idk what territory she took but Tim would know she took some, so.] Holding up all right?

[Private to Kirk]

Where are you now? I need you on the East End. Sending coordinates your way.

[Private to Steve]

Crown Point has a hostage situation. Can you handle it? Superboy and Stephanie should be in the general area, if you need back up, but I'm giving them their own mission.

[Private to Merlin]

Did you come into port?

[Private to Buffy and Dean]

I need you in the Cauldron. [And he's sending directions and coordinates to the neighborhood.] It's basically Little Ireland. The Irish mob has been busy, from the looks of things.

[Private to Sara]

Dick said you can handle yourself. [But did not give any details, so Tim is. Uncertain here.] I need someone in Little Odessa to deal with the mob.

[Private to Dracula]

I hope that harness is working, because there are people trapped at Tricorner. [And here come some coordinates to the island. It's where the old steel yards and metalworks are, though they've been long since abandoned.]

[Private to Claire]

Is that offer on your blood open? They could probably use you at the West Side safehouse; Regina seems to be running it.

[Private to Ivy]

What are you doing? [Stop it :|]

[Private separately to Nygma and Crane]

Where are you?

((OOC: Yup Tim's doing just what I promised and playing dispatch/micromanaging everything he can. I promise I don't mean to spoil anything and saying no is totally cool, but Tim will be a bitch about it because he just wants to make Gotham safe damn it, she is his baby. If you need any details on the locations, you can ping me, I have spent way too much time on Gotham locales, idk what my life is. :c))

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