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[He doesn't bother filtering this; he doesn't know if he lost time, if he hurt people he doesn't remember even talking to, so he keeps it open. The days have given him a chance to keep his shit together, at least.]

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Everything I said - I didn't mean it. I wasn't myself, I was [my future-monster-self] something else. And I'd never say the things I did. I'm sorry.

[He falls silent for a few beats, and exhales slowly.]

We missed Thanksgiving.
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[Her own tone is carefully neutral, if a bit hoarse.]

I don't think anyone can be held entirely responsible, for what happened in that place.

[A hard, dry swallow.]

Never really liked Thanksgiving, but we could all share some turkey.
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[quietly] Yeah.

[She musters a faint smile.] Can't hurt to focus on the good things.
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What, a turkey?

[The tired smirk is almost audible.]

Who do you think did Thanksgiving dinner at Dad's house? [After Mom, she doesn't say. Before Sarah, she doesn't say.]
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[Let's be honest they usually do.]

Of course, young padawan.
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Want to grab dinner at my place tonight? [Thanksgiving might be like. Pasta. But. Sara's here, you like Sara right :c]
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Maybe. You can pick the movie.
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You say that like it's a bad thing.
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What does apologizing fix, anyway?
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How nice.