peektuttut: (T; Uh yeah sorry I sweat sometimes)
Tim Drake ([personal profile] peektuttut) wrote2013-01-25 10:43 am

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So that was...weird.

[Tim doesn't really want to bother saying anything at all, but he knows the value of a 'seriously, I'm fine and acting normal' show, even when you don't feel fine and normal at all.]

At least those kinds of floods don't happen that often. [Of course he knows, he's read just about everything he has access to, but it's still not particularly comforting.]

Still, the scenery was pretty groovy, man. [A little 'I'm-sorry-I-had-to' laugh. See? FINE AND NORMAL.]

I wish I...he...whoever I was then had been more into cars. I know I say a 1960 Ford Galaxy around town; did someone own that, or was it just there to pad the background? And the Impala? That was a pretty sweet car. [WISTFUL SIGH and all right, he has sent the message, he can click off and go back to brooding now.]

[Private to Peter]

I literally cannot remember the last time I was in a comic shop.

[Private to Ivy]

[Does he just keep ignoring it or do they talk about it. Tim would love to just never ever broach the subject, but. His relationship with her was closer than what he had with his real mom, or his step mom, and that is kind of hard to swallow.]

People have said the memories from these things fade. [He knows because stalker. And she's been here longer than him, so he might as well find out if she - if they are going to remember this months and months down the line.]

Do they?

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