Tim Drake
16 July 2012 @ 12:56 pm
[There is some very tiny meowing in the background, if anyone's listening close enough.]

Claudia's gone too, if anyone's looking for her. Looks like she's coming back. [But he sounds not super okay because WHAT DOES THIS NOTE MEAN, CLAUDIA, HE IS V. CONFUSED. :C]

[Private to Willow]

If you need something, I'll do my best to deal with it.

[Private to Dick]

Can we get a drink or something? Or will you lecture me.

[Private to Kirk]

Just tell me straight up, is asking you for advice a monumentally terrible idea?
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Tim Drake
31 May 2012 @ 08:50 pm
[Warden Filter]

[Just before the end of port:] I think I've found a cure for the Titan. I can't say one hundred percent, but if anyone feels like they'd rather trust this than the Admiral, I've got it. Your choice.

[Private to Dick]

[This is his silent sorry I haven't been in the field. :c Also before port ends.] I wanted to leave them with their best possible chance.

[After port ends - Private to friends and anyone he's been guiding to in-need areas]

Check in.

[Private to Luther]

[and a while later, after he's changed and safely hidden in his room and you know, wearing clothes again:]

Looks like it's a good thing we ran into each other when we did.

[Open Spam]

[And just like that, they're back. He got the cure to the police just in time, it seemed. They'd have a shot. They could make it.

He closed his eyes and smiled; behind his eyelids, he could see it. Batman diving into the fray, criminals running terrified. He'd been close enough, on a lower roof, to see the Bat symbol on his chest, and thought Dick could look a lot like him in the suit, Tim had known he was looking at Bruce. He was alive, he was back, and that - and the cure - would have to be good enough. That Gotham wouldn't implode on itself again.

Tim leaned back against the railing on the deck - why couldn't he have wound up in his room? - and laughed. The costume was still on, his cape felt heavy around his shoulders, and the mask was in place. He knew he couldn't stay here like this, but he paused and laughed anyway, because Bruce was back in that universe, too. Bruce always came back, it seemed.

He didn't have a problem with that.

When the aches and exhaustion of the past few days settled on him, heavier than his cape, Tim pushed away from the rail and headed into the Barge. He'd duck into the nearest inmate bathroom and change; enough people had popped up in underwear that walking back in that wouldn't be too conspicuous. He'd managed to stay mostly out of sight for the entire port, he'd hate to be spotted now.]

((OOC: Other tags are forthcoming, I promise, I've just been super slow lately and wanted to get this out before too much time had passed. :C))
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Tim Drake
21 February 2011 @ 10:50 am
[THE TIME HAS COME, THE WALRUS SAID. Tim is sitting on his bed, communicator in his hands, and there is a little smile on his face because despite everything, he is actually excited to make this post. Well, he's excited to make this post and leave, mostly.]

I need to head home for a few days. I don't know how much time I'll need there, but I'm hoping it won't be long, here. [He would blackmail the Admiral, if he could think of a way.] Some things have happened, apparently, and - well, there's something I need to take care of.

[He needs to go get a hug from daddy number two. :C]

[Private to Shego]

Any requests from Gotham?

[Private to friends - Cissie, Kirk, Dick, Kon, Molly, Wally, Steph, Martha, Seven, if you think you should be in here, come ask!]

My, uh - [He isn't sure what Kirk and Molly and Seven know about Bruce, so he's just. Leaving that bit out.] My dad's back, and he was the reason I'm here, so. [Pause pause he really wants to goooo.]

I'll be back. [And that look is for those of you with abandonment issues.] I promise. It shouldn't be long.

[Private to Sylar]

I'll do what I can to be back soon. What other wardens are you comfortable with?

[Private to Trip, added later]

You might want to check on Vince.
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