Tim Drake
07 April 2012 @ 09:16 pm
I never realized how mind numbing this place can be without an inmate. [Without someone to focus on while secretly angsting and freaking out, anyway.]

[Private to Zuko]

Your sister's here. Thought you'd want a heads up.

[Private to Cissie]

You talked to him. [Why is he an inmate, where is he from, he isn't Prime right but WHAT IS HAPPENING. :c]

[Private to Dick]

I think this could only be worse if he was Prime.

[Private to Merlin]

I heard some noise in the hall the other day. [Like you getting slapped :v] Everything okay?
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Tim Drake
24 July 2011 @ 11:38 am
[Warden Filter]

[Hi guys. You know what Tim is not going to do? Talk about Bruce or Steph or Wally or Conner. Well maybe a little later. But right now he's kind of pissed and feeling all those angry clingy feelings teenagers feel when someone else shows interest in someone they've known longer.]

On June 13th, Bourne showed us what his inmate, David could do. He showed us that David had been impersonating him. He promised us it wouldn't happen again, and that David would be punished accordingly.

What he didn't tell us was that he made David morph into a rat, and took away his ability to change back. He didn't tell us that he was effectively torturing his inmate. [And Tim is actually pretty furious at this point, and for those who recognize it, there is more than a little bit of Batman mode going on here.]

I'm reluctant to bring this up now, since I'm sure we're all tired of arguing about the obvious, but either we all agree to see only to our own inmates, or we step in when another warden sees fit to torture his own.

[Private to Bourne]

If you ever think about doing that to him again, remember that I'm here. [Full on Batman voice. It's a scary thing. Maybe not for Bourne, but this is not teenage Tim Drake he's dealing with anymore.]


Superboy left a few days ago. [Because damn it, even if he doesn't want to talk about it to anyone at all ever, Conner deserves some God damned recognition, even here. At least Tim sounds cool when he says it; he's fiiiiine, really. :|]

[Private to David, added later]

Hey. Think you can stop by my room to talk?
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