Tim Drake
16 July 2012 @ 12:56 pm
[There is some very tiny meowing in the background, if anyone's listening close enough.]

Claudia's gone too, if anyone's looking for her. Looks like she's coming back. [But he sounds not super okay because WHAT DOES THIS NOTE MEAN, CLAUDIA, HE IS V. CONFUSED. :C]

[Private to Willow]

If you need something, I'll do my best to deal with it.

[Private to Dick]

Can we get a drink or something? Or will you lecture me.

[Private to Kirk]

Just tell me straight up, is asking you for advice a monumentally terrible idea?
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Tim Drake
01 November 2011 @ 10:38 pm
[Tim is still in the CES, and the angle would indicate he's on the roof of one of those buildings. Because this is what Robins of all generations do. They climb buildings and stand on roofs.]

The staffers are gone.

[He sounds so tired, and the circles under his eyes are intense, but he isn't booking it out of there yet.]

The door showed up, and the rain stopped. [He's turning away, hiding a yawn.] I'm going to check all the buildings, make sure everyone's getting out okay. [Those who survived did anyone even die in this death trap anyway.]

Is the infirmary back? The choices here were exposure or monster: a lot of us are going to need it. [Someone make him go too. :|]

[Private to Dick]

Can I stop checking in now?

[SPAM in the CES]

[Tim stayed on top of the small building for the duration of his post, and then a little longer to watch a few people leave. Then he dropped his makeshift staff over the edge of the roof, pocketed the communicator, and swung back down to the ground to make good on his promise to check the houses.]
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