Tim Drake
12 January 2013 @ 11:06 pm
[The audio clicks on first, and for a moment there's silence, then an in drawn breath - and the video clicks on. Tim looks unsettled, and makes himself give a sheepish, uncertain smile. He even lifts his hand and gives a little wave.]

So, I had this speech all rehearsed and ready to go - 'Hi, my name's Tim, I like long walks on the beach and moonlit nights and apple pie' - and then I did some reading. [The smile slips a little, and he pushes hair out of his eyes, looking away for a moment before he decides to stop forcing the smile.]

Apparently, I've been here before. The only thing is, I definitely don't remember it. And trust me, I'd know if I had been some place like this. It's kind of hard to forget. So, with that out of the way...

[He smiles again, shrugs, and waves one more time.] Hi. I'm Tim. I'm a new warden here, and I guess I'll look forward to knowing you all as well as some of you knew...him.

[And just before he clicks off the feed, the smiles drops away again and he frowns hard, angry and unsettled; it's only been a year since the Crisis for him, and doubles are never anything to nod and smile at.]

[Private to Steph]

[He doesn't know how to do this, what to say or do, if he should say or do anything at all - but eventually, he sets the filter, and turns his feed back on, putting on his 'I'm not sure what I'm feeling so I'm going to look totally neutral' mask.]


[Private to the Admiral]

[And now Tim can look properly frustrated and a little amused and a little ticked off, and he is just holding up one of the many mini cameras he placed in the halls when he first arrived.]

You know, I watched every minute of every single one of these tapes now, and they all show terrible toy infomercials from the 80s. Do you have any idea what it's like, listening to those over and over and over again?

[He tosses the camera aside, shaking his head.] Message received loud and clear. No cameras.

You could have just said something when you made your offer, you know.
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