Tim Drake
07 July 2012 @ 05:43 pm
So Claudia had this great idea a few weeks ago, and given the lightness of the mood around here lately...Well, we were thinking laser tag would be a great addition to the Barge. I've been messing around with laser weapons, and vests - it's a really basic transmit/receive system - and I might have a few almost finished prototypes.

Would anyone actually be interested in a game? [Slightly sheepish, he isn't sure if he's too old to be asking about laser tag, but laser tag is awesome so shut up doubts.] We could throw in elements of capture the flag, make it really involved. It would be a good way to spend some excess energy, I figure.

[Private to Claudia]

Hope you don't mind I spilled the beans, but I do have a prototype, if you want to take a look at it. It's still really basic. [I.e., feel free to upgrade it. 8)]

[Private to Dick]

Want to watch a movie?

[Private to Sara]

Hey, uh. This is a little awkward, but Dick mentioned running into you during port. Did he seem...himself?

[Private to Luther]

How do you feel about basketball?

[Open spam]

[Usually, Tim would just eat in his cabin. He had his whole apartment in there, and his kitchen tended to be better stocked than the Barge kitchen, especially when they were low on help and they ate sandwiches for days on end. Tim had gotten picky(er) about his food in the past few years, and day after day of ham sandwiches were not conducive to putting on spandex and kevlar and doing backflips.

So normally, he'd keep to his dining room, with his egg whites and his salads, but today he was tired of staring at the same walls, with no one there to eat with. So he headed out in the afternoon, pausing long enough to lock his door (which looked simple as a key in a lock, but really was much more complex than that because Tim is a paranoid weirdo) before heading down the corridor to the mess hall. There he got the dreaded, calorie consuming sandwich, and a soda. He hadn't had a Zesti in way too long, and what they had here wasn't an exact match, but it was close enough.

He picked a table closer to the center of the hall than he usually sat, but kept his back to the emptiest section, keeping the entrance in view. Old habits die hard.]
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