Tim Drake
29 September 2012 @ 07:58 pm
[The audio clicks on, and Tim's quiet for a moment, like he's rethinking alerting the Barge at all. There's a very quiet sigh, and then something that might have been a meow.]

Claudia's gone. I've got her cat, but all her stuff is gone. Looks like the Admiral changed his mind again. [The bitterness is audible, and he clicks the communicator off.]

[Filtered to Cass, Aya, Buffy, Steph]

[A little while after his first announcement, he adds a few messages:] How are you guys doing?

[Private to Kon]

Hey. [God he really doesn't know how to do this on the best of days, and this is not the best of days. This isn't the Kon he grew up with, this isn't the Kon who's saved his life, and whose he's saved. Although the latter isn't quite true anymore. Tim pauses for a long moment; he doesn't even know if Kon will be awake, or bother replying to this when he is.] Just checking in, I guess. I don't know. Don't worry about this when you wake up.

[Private to Luther]

Got a minute?
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Tim Drake
31 May 2012 @ 08:50 pm
[Warden Filter]

[Just before the end of port:] I think I've found a cure for the Titan. I can't say one hundred percent, but if anyone feels like they'd rather trust this than the Admiral, I've got it. Your choice.

[Private to Dick]

[This is his silent sorry I haven't been in the field. :c Also before port ends.] I wanted to leave them with their best possible chance.

[After port ends - Private to friends and anyone he's been guiding to in-need areas]

Check in.

[Private to Luther]

[and a while later, after he's changed and safely hidden in his room and you know, wearing clothes again:]

Looks like it's a good thing we ran into each other when we did.

[Open Spam]

[And just like that, they're back. He got the cure to the police just in time, it seemed. They'd have a shot. They could make it.

He closed his eyes and smiled; behind his eyelids, he could see it. Batman diving into the fray, criminals running terrified. He'd been close enough, on a lower roof, to see the Bat symbol on his chest, and thought Dick could look a lot like him in the suit, Tim had known he was looking at Bruce. He was alive, he was back, and that - and the cure - would have to be good enough. That Gotham wouldn't implode on itself again.

Tim leaned back against the railing on the deck - why couldn't he have wound up in his room? - and laughed. The costume was still on, his cape felt heavy around his shoulders, and the mask was in place. He knew he couldn't stay here like this, but he paused and laughed anyway, because Bruce was back in that universe, too. Bruce always came back, it seemed.

He didn't have a problem with that.

When the aches and exhaustion of the past few days settled on him, heavier than his cape, Tim pushed away from the rail and headed into the Barge. He'd duck into the nearest inmate bathroom and change; enough people had popped up in underwear that walking back in that wouldn't be too conspicuous. He'd managed to stay mostly out of sight for the entire port, he'd hate to be spotted now.]

((OOC: Other tags are forthcoming, I promise, I've just been super slow lately and wanted to get this out before too much time had passed. :C))
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Tim Drake
28 May 2012 @ 10:10 pm
All right, I need everyone to listen up. Gotham's a big city, and there are a lot of people still trapped here. Worse, there more people who want to take advantage of this. I know most of you have seen this first hand by now. I've got the equipment and the experience here to keep eyes on most of the city, but I'm going to need cooperation here. I know a lot of you want to help, and that's all I'm asking for here.

Robinson Park, for the time being, is off limits. [He sees your monster trees on satellite, Ivy, and he does not like. B|] But there's a situation in Aparo Park that needs attention; ping me for details. [Because he knows not everyone listening is keen on helping, and he isn't about to make things worse for these people.] Same for the Heights; if anyone can spare the time and attention, I've got a lot of places that need to be hit.

[Edited in a few minutes later:] There's a drug called Titan on the streets. It seems to have a direct physical affect - basically an instant bulk up. Can't speak for the side effects, but if it's based on Venom - and I'd guess it is - then I'm willing to bet there are some ugly ones. If you run into anyone on this stuff, be careful - and send me any info you can.

Privates to Cassie, Superboy, Steph, Shego, Kirk, Steve, Merlin, Buffy, Dean, Sara, Dracula, Claire, Ivy, Nygma, and Crane. )

((OOC: Yup Tim's doing just what I promised and playing dispatch/micromanaging everything he can. I promise I don't mean to spoil anything and saying no is totally cool, but Tim will be a bitch about it because he just wants to make Gotham safe damn it, she is his baby. If you need any details on the locations, you can ping me, I have spent way too much time on Gotham locales, idk what my life is. :c))
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Tim Drake
23 May 2012 @ 01:11 pm
I would consider selling a kidney for some of Snape's dreamless sleep potions. Does anyone know how to make them? Or...any version of them, really. I'll take anything. [Because lol despite it being over, he is not sleeping easily at all. He's down to maybe an hour or two, and man it sucks.]

[Private to Merlin]

You wouldn't have an, I don't know, sleep drought on hand, would you? [Potions are so not his go to, but. You learn to make exceptions.

And also there are other things to talk about, huh.]
Do you, uh. Remember that dream? [Totally vague here. On the off chance Merlin forgot he's a masked crime fighter. :v]

[Private to Superboy]

I've been examining your DNA sample. [Hn to do this over the network or in person.] We should talk. Come by my room.

[Private to Shego]

This only talking during floods and when things go horribly wrong thing kind of sucks. [Can we maybe work this out :c]

[Private to Steph]

How was the party? [Not 'why did Claire go running to your door to squeal with you.' Not yet. :v]
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Tim Drake
24 July 2011 @ 11:38 am
[Warden Filter]

[Hi guys. You know what Tim is not going to do? Talk about Bruce or Steph or Wally or Conner. Well maybe a little later. But right now he's kind of pissed and feeling all those angry clingy feelings teenagers feel when someone else shows interest in someone they've known longer.]

On June 13th, Bourne showed us what his inmate, David could do. He showed us that David had been impersonating him. He promised us it wouldn't happen again, and that David would be punished accordingly.

What he didn't tell us was that he made David morph into a rat, and took away his ability to change back. He didn't tell us that he was effectively torturing his inmate. [And Tim is actually pretty furious at this point, and for those who recognize it, there is more than a little bit of Batman mode going on here.]

I'm reluctant to bring this up now, since I'm sure we're all tired of arguing about the obvious, but either we all agree to see only to our own inmates, or we step in when another warden sees fit to torture his own.

[Private to Bourne]

If you ever think about doing that to him again, remember that I'm here. [Full on Batman voice. It's a scary thing. Maybe not for Bourne, but this is not teenage Tim Drake he's dealing with anymore.]


Superboy left a few days ago. [Because damn it, even if he doesn't want to talk about it to anyone at all ever, Conner deserves some God damned recognition, even here. At least Tim sounds cool when he says it; he's fiiiiine, really. :|]

[Private to David, added later]

Hey. Think you can stop by my room to talk?
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Tim Drake
19 May 2011 @ 02:19 pm
Don't pay the fool in the cell no mind. Seems like the papers and news never catch onto the small details when a madman gets loose: like the way he never shuts his trap.

[Private to town lawmen]

Any trail on Edelyn - [Pause. Awkward pause] Ma's attacker? I been a bit preoccupied. [And he looks a little sheepish.] What about that shootin'?

[Private to Steph]

You near town?
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Tim Drake
26 April 2011 @ 01:35 am
[Warden Filter]

I'm bringing Bruce to the infirmary. It's just a barge coma; I couldn't find any sign of damage, and, well. He's a really light sleeper.

[A beat] Actually, I could use some help. Or one of those cool floating stretchers.

[Private to Cissie]

What happened, and where are you? [DIED? D:]

[Private to Steph]

I thought

Adam gave me some advice

Damn it--

[A while later:] Hey.

[Private to Shego]

Want to go for a run in the CES?
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Tim Drake
14 April 2011 @ 10:37 pm
[Tim does not mean to turn on the video function. In fact, he wasn't planning on making this post till later, but he's lounging in bed, and there is a superdog that has decided the bed is his. Int he ensuing struggle, the video is turned on, and the screen is filled with a super nose. It pulls back enough to get a skewed video of Krypto while Tim practically wrestles the dog. And fails.]

Down, down you stupid - no, no, don't growl - don't look at me like that, you - good dog, good dog, now will you please just get off my bed? Off? Off. Down?

[This is when Krypto starts barking. Then starts howling.] Would you please shut the hell up? I know, I know, I miss him too, now you you just - woah!

[And that would be Tim falling off the bed in an attempt to push Krypto off. There's some shuffling, then a very loud sigh as Tim settles next to Krypto on t he bed, and picks up his device.] Fine, you win.

[He notices the recording light, and grimaces.] Sorry. [Off the feed clicks.]

[Private to Dick and Jason, separately]

[Ahaha awkward.] Did you talk to...some other me, during that last flood?

[Private to Bruce]

He isn't Batman yet. Don't take out your problems on him. [But he isn't chastising, not at all; he's telling Bruce to come to him instead.]

[Private to Shego]

So I met another, uh, me when the network was flooded. Saw you talked to that Pavi guy.

[Private to Cissie]

How's it going? [He wants to make sure she's okay with Conner taking off for a while. HE KNOWS HIS FRIENDS.]

[Private to Steph]

...Are we still not talking?

[Private to Patrick]

[Edited in a bit later:] What's going on with Jason?
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Tim Drake
21 February 2011 @ 10:50 am
[THE TIME HAS COME, THE WALRUS SAID. Tim is sitting on his bed, communicator in his hands, and there is a little smile on his face because despite everything, he is actually excited to make this post. Well, he's excited to make this post and leave, mostly.]

I need to head home for a few days. I don't know how much time I'll need there, but I'm hoping it won't be long, here. [He would blackmail the Admiral, if he could think of a way.] Some things have happened, apparently, and - well, there's something I need to take care of.

[He needs to go get a hug from daddy number two. :C]

[Private to Shego]

Any requests from Gotham?

[Private to friends - Cissie, Kirk, Dick, Kon, Molly, Wally, Steph, Martha, Seven, if you think you should be in here, come ask!]

My, uh - [He isn't sure what Kirk and Molly and Seven know about Bruce, so he's just. Leaving that bit out.] My dad's back, and he was the reason I'm here, so. [Pause pause he really wants to goooo.]

I'll be back. [And that look is for those of you with abandonment issues.] I promise. It shouldn't be long.

[Private to Sylar]

I'll do what I can to be back soon. What other wardens are you comfortable with?

[Private to Trip, added later]

You might want to check on Vince.
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Tim Drake
20 December 2010 @ 11:33 pm
Uh...Can a doctor come down to zero? Please?

[And in the background, Steph's voice being oh so feverish:] You're not listening why are you... ignoring.... mmmmmmm.

[Also in the background, since Tim is trying to make sure Steph isn't lapsing into a coma or something:] Steph? Hey - Steph?

[And back into the mic!] Seriously, she's sick. Need a doctor down here as soon as possible.

[That fwumping noise? Steph slumping over.]
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Tim Drake
15 December 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Right. I'll be in zero for the next week, if anyone needs me.

[Private to Dick]

Can you come grab my Item?

[Private to the Seventh Doctor]

[After seeing the Doctor's post.] ...Everything okay?

[Private to Cissie]

I just wanted to-- [Aaand that's when he realizes something's up. :c The rest is added once he finds out what's up.] And you're asleep. Which makes this easier and a lot more cowardly, I guess. I should just wait, but I need to get this out, even if I'm talking to myself. I'm talking to myself, great.

I'm sorry. I know a said - did a lot of tings last week that I never should have. You're not messed up. I didn't mean to even remotely imply that, and - I should have just written something.

I don't think I could ever think that of you, Cissie. You're the better person between us. I don't think I could have done what you did, back in Young Justice. I didn't do what you did.

I'll - just say this again when you're awake. Talking to yourself is the first sign, isn-- [Ahahaha he feels like a tool, so. Cutting himself off.]

[Private to Martha]

Hey. I was kind of a jerk to you - not kind of, I was a jerk. And that on top of not talking for a while. I'm really sorry, Martha. I shouldn't have been talking it out on you; you were just trying to help.

...Next week, want to watch a movie? Two AM or otherwise. I feel like it's been a while.

[Private to Stephanie]

[AAHAHAHAH AWKWARD. SO AWKWARD. But Tim is trying really hard to get this out without dealing with the mistletoe kiss on the way back tot he barge.]

I, uh. I'm sorry for blowing you off, last week. I meant to come back to my room when I left, I just.

...I'm sorry. For being a jerk.

[Santa :|]

Private letter to Santa for Shego, Cissie, Martha, the Seventh Doctor, Steph, Dick, Nygma, Molly, Iroh, Vince, Slade, Sylar, Tom, and Kirk. Damn barge. :| )

((OOC: So as they came aboard, Tim and Steph got caught under some mistletoe. Shego saw. :c sob.))
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Tim Drake
08 November 2010 @ 12:12 pm
[Warden Filter]

Filling in for Stephanie on this week's report. I think we know the majority of what's happened, but:

-Ardent, Arthas, the Master, and possibly Saffron were planning to instigate a riot
-The riot was stopped before it started
-Arthas killed the Marquis; his warden got him to Zero

Those are the facts in between the speeches. I'm not sure if Saffron was actually a part of things or not. I hope nothing on a smaller scale slipped through the cracks in the past week, but if it did, tell me. I'll make sure they get added to the list.
Tim Drake
15 September 2010 @ 09:16 pm
So how many weeks to we get between floods and ports? Think we're due for a dry spell, yet?

All of those are notes slipped under doors for: Slade, Cissie, Steph, Shego, Isaac, and Nygma )
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