Tim Drake
04 September 2012 @ 11:11 am
[Warden Filter | voice]

I, ah. [He falters for a moment, not altogether sure he wants to ask this to the wardens as a whole; but he gathers himself, and powers through.]

I know we're really severely lacking in psychologists here, but I was hoping someone would have experience dealing with suicidal thoughts. [He pauses, and there's some shuffling in the background.] Mine is kind of..lacking. I could use the help.

[And hastily added later:] Uh, not for me - sorry.I'm asking on behalf of a friend.

[Private to Tosh]

Is there any chance you have some free time on your hands?

[Private to Kon]

[Hnn he has been putting this off - BECAUSE IT WENT SO WELL IN HIS UNIVERSE - but that isn't fair to Kon, in the end. So eventually, he'll get around to sending this message.]

Is there a Lex Luthor in your universe?

[Private to Dean]

I made some headway on his DNA. [He would very much like an abort button but he is a Responsible Adult so he has to ping Dean on this. Even if it's a few weeks/months late]

[Private to Kara | video]

I seem to recall agreeing to watch a movie. You wanted a romance, right? [He knows how to tease! Even if it's a little stiff, because everything else he has going on right now is pretty serious.]

[Private to Ivy]

[He wasn't going to add this note at all, and has definitely written and deleted a few drafts before settling on:] How are you doing?

[Private to Tony | video]

[The video clicks on for this one, and Tim is looking maaaybe a little smug.] I worked out the kinks in the coding. [And he personalized it. A little. Okay, more than a little.] Say hello to Alfred 2.0. I think I'll call him Alfie.

[A mechanical, British voice comes across the feed, disembodied because it's coming from his computer.] If you must, sir.

[Okay Tim is looking pretty smug.]
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Tim Drake
21 March 2011 @ 12:34 pm
I've never been somewhere with closer correlations to a roller coaster before coming here. I fell asleep on a roller coaster, once. My girlfriend - at the time - was pretty furious with me. She didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. Kind of killed our day out.

All things considered? Sometimes I wish I could sleep through this ride. It better be a long time until we start the next steep climb.

[Private to Angelica]

Are you all right? I'm sorry if I, uh, really hurt you. [Yes, he's checking up on her. It's what he does. :c]

[Private to Bruce]

Sylar wants to talk, but he wants me there. You pick the time, he'll pick the place.

[Private to Shego]

I'm coming to see you. [NOT A QUESTION >|]

[Filtered to friends]

[He's biting back apologies. He blames himself in a big way for a lot of this stuff.] Everyone okay?

[Private to Seven]

How are you doing? [He figures that this having been Rex's fault has not left him a happy man.]

[Private to Sylar]

You all right?

[Edited in:] Bruce said Wednesday.

[Private to Tosh]

This is a lot later than I meant it to be, but things came up and...well. I figured out what the device does.
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