Tim Drake
24 March 2012 @ 09:27 pm
[In the background, you can faintly hear the Clash. Tim's bobbing his head along a little when he flicks the video on, and at first his concentration is on his computer, just out of sight, instead of the camera. Then his eyes flick up, and he smiles one of his tiny, only-the-corners-of-my-mouth-really-move smiles.]

I used to be pretty handy with a camera. [Not a word, Batfam. NOT A WORD.] I've taken some pictures during the less crazy ports. [A beat.] Ones where I didn't wind up as a fairy or something, anyway. I've got a few on here from Paris, Vegas, Jurassic Park...And then I got bored and started taking some around the Barge. Sorry.

[He totally isn't, but he does pick up his device and turn it to give a shot of his computer screen, which is running through a slid show. There's a picture of the Champ de Mars in Paris from a suspiciously high angle, but with an Eiffel Tower conspicuously absent; instead, there's lots of rubble being removed. The next is a picture of the Fontainebleau Resort in Vegas; except the picture is taken from above, which pretty much means Tim was on top of the Stratosphere Tower. Then there are a few pictures of a herd of triceratops, a brontosaurus, and a couple of deinonychuses.

Then come the random pictures of people on the Barge. A man stands on the deck, back to the camera, leaning on the rail. Kirk is mid laugh an looks like a hyena. Merlin's eating a sandwich. Dick is mid flip in the gym. Jon Snow and Ghost in the CES; a girl sitting on a common room sofa in front of the TV, back to the camera; several men and women in the lunch line. There are a few of the greenhouses, an empty deck, various scenic pictures of the CES with different settings, random halls and other places around the Barge. And one of McCoy looking at the camera with a 'TIM WHY ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES IN THE INFIRMARY' look, but Tim's skipping that one quickly. They're all very good photos, and after a moment, Tim opens up Photoshop, and starts fiddling with the images, making some black and white, giving others slight tints or tweaks.]

I was thinking about animating a couple. Or I guess I could get rid of some of them, if anyone's uncomfortable. I tried to avoid faces in most of them, but obviously that didn't always happen. There isn't exactly a lot of diversity here to photograph. [And as the Clash song comes to a close and some Depeche Mode starts, Tim's just going very quickly end the video there. God forbid his Enya collection comes on. 8|]

[Private to Shego]

So...[lol awkward :C] Just going to pretend that didn't happen?

((OOC: If anyone w ants their character to be a subject of a photo, go for it. There are certain people he'd avoid, and he'd only show pictures of mundane activities, mostly from behind. So if anyone wants to recognize the back of their head or something, that's awesome. c:))
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