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Now that we've had some distance from the horrors...I used to wonder how we came up with the heart symbol. You know, like this. [He holds up both hands, thumbs and forefingers pressed together to form a <3 shape.] Doesn't look remotely like a real heart, so it had to come from somewhere.

It started with a fig or ivy leaf - if you squint, you can see it here-- [he holds up a book, and on one page, a fig leaf; he flips forward a few pages, and shows an ivy leaf] See? People were using these in art, as early as...I think the third millennium B.C.E., and by the middle ages, people had turned a leaf into a symbol of romantic, courtly love.

[He shrugs, then reaches forward - not to the device, but to his computer. He fiddles for a moment, then pulls the communicator down so that it gets a view of his computer screen.]

This is a cardioid. Actually, you could call it a lot of things, but it boils down to math being romantic. Happy Valentine's Day, I guess, a little late.

[And a couple hours later, he will add with none of the earlier levity,] David's disappeared. I assume his friends already realized. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner.

[Private to Regina]

So...Can we just forget that whole thing happened?

[Private to Cissie]

Two years ago today. [Why yes, he's being vague to catch your attention.]
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Well, you're still my favorite. And not just because you haven't tried to kill anyone I care about.
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It doesn't- [Pause for some slightly icky sounding coughing.] - Hurt to hear it every once and a while, kiddo.
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It counts. And yeah, I guess. [NOT YOUR BRONCHITIS.] It's fine.
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[After the times he's tried killing you? No, no it doesn't. :|]

Yeah. I mean, I want him to get help, but- [How best to put this.] I don't know. Being in close quarters was rough.
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No, but I mean, I get it. I just - [Have all the guilt for not being a better role model for him or just not being there enough and now he's fucknuts crazy and it sucks. :c]

He wasn't a bad kid.
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[Yeah, well. :v] ... I'm not really sorry Bruce left either.


I miss him, but the Barge... didn't really feel like a good place for him to be, after everything that happened.
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Yeah. [And another couple coughs before trying to lighten the mood a little.]

Still, if I had to be stuck here with someone, I'm glad it's you.
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It's just a cold or something, I'll be fine.

So, when's your wedding to Regina going to be?
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[Sorry Dick is just going to burst out laughing (which might turn into coughing) at that.]

She sounds perfect for you. Did you pick a date yet?
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A real fairytale romance, there.
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Was there singing involved?


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