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Now that we've had some distance from the horrors...I used to wonder how we came up with the heart symbol. You know, like this. [He holds up both hands, thumbs and forefingers pressed together to form a <3 shape.] Doesn't look remotely like a real heart, so it had to come from somewhere.

It started with a fig or ivy leaf - if you squint, you can see it here-- [he holds up a book, and on one page, a fig leaf; he flips forward a few pages, and shows an ivy leaf] See? People were using these in art, as early as...I think the third millennium B.C.E., and by the middle ages, people had turned a leaf into a symbol of romantic, courtly love.

[He shrugs, then reaches forward - not to the device, but to his computer. He fiddles for a moment, then pulls the communicator down so that it gets a view of his computer screen.]

This is a cardioid. Actually, you could call it a lot of things, but it boils down to math being romantic. Happy Valentine's Day, I guess, a little late.

[And a couple hours later, he will add with none of the earlier levity,] David's disappeared. I assume his friends already realized. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner.

[Private to Regina]

So...Can we just forget that whole thing happened?

[Private to Cissie]

Two years ago today. [Why yes, he's being vague to catch your attention.]
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[It takes her a few minutes to figure out what he's talking about because she hasn't been thinking about this at all. But there are only so many things that happened two years ago...]

...Today? Really?
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[The fact that you remembered is kind of a present in itself, but she's not going to get that mushy... yet.]

I'm not sure either, but... food sounds really good.
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[They totally must carry wine coolers. Cissie used the time it took him to get there to tidy up a little; she's been kind of a hermit since Molly left, and it was showing in her housekeeping. By the time Tim knocks though, things are looking presentable. She tossed the book she was reading aside and went to answer the door. She smiled.]

Hey. Come on in. ...That is a lot of food.
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[Cissie watches him set the batbasket down, and. Well. It's been a rough week. Have a great big hug, Tim. She might be a little bit teary but it's probably best to pretend not to notice that.] ...Thank you.
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[Cissie wipes her eyes with a hand quickly before letting him pull away. She laughs and raises an eyebrow at him.]

Fancy drinks? Really?
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[That makes her laugh, and she takes it from him, shaking her head.] Tim, I think there's more alcohol in cough syrup than in this.
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[She snorts a little at that and shakes her head, but doesn't bother hiding her smile.] Cookies help. What kind?