peektuttut: (L; Creeper pose numero dos)
Tim Drake ([personal profile] peektuttut) wrote2012-11-19 01:49 pm

➹ 102 | Voice | Backdated to late yesterday

[When the audio clicks on, it's very quiet - the sort of silence that's bone deep, the kind you feel in the middle of the woods during a snow storm. Tim takes his time before speaking, and when he does, his voice is a little deeper than usual.]

I hate the snow. Just reminds me of the times Gotham almost froze over. Kind of reminds me of Gotham in general, I guess. There's all this pure, untouched snow - and then you walk, or drive through it, and it gets ruined, mixes with dirt, turns to slush and soaks through your clothes until all you can feel is cold.

I hate it.

[The audio clicks off, but a few beats later, it comes back:] I think there's an attic. I'm gonna check it out.

[Private to Kon]

Everything still feeling, uh - not deteriorating? [He's a little less delicate than normal, but it's not ringing an alarm bells for him.]

[Private to friends]

I'm heading up. Anyone want to come?

[A beat, and he takes a sharp breath, then lets it out. Whatever concerned him stopped concerning him pretty quickly.] And yell if you find anything interesting. I want to look around.

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