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21 August 2032 @ 11:52 am

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Tim Drake
28 December 2022 @ 12:03 am

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Tim Drake
05 February 2013 @ 11:23 am
[When the audio comes on, there's some quiet, distant clinking, like broken glass is being swept up.]

Cloning's come a long way in the past decade. Things we thought impossible suddenly easy, things we never dreamed of are just within our reach. We can restructure DNA to weed out naturally occurring mistakes, save lives before there's an actual life in danger. Most people think of cloning, and think of some guy stepping into a chamber, and his identical copy walking out, but that's not how it works.

--And if that's how it works in your world, I'd be interested to hear about it.

We can clone organisms, even people, to some extent, but there's no way to pop out a fully grown copy. It's asexual reproduction, and like normal reproduction, the clone has to grow and age. It can develop a separate personality, obtain different memories.

[More clinking; it sounds like he's doing some sweeping, and for a moment, he's quiet.]

It's a clone genetically, identical on a molecular level - but the copy is nothing like the original. You can't produce a real clone. There's no such thing.

[Another pause, and he takes a breath, thinking about saying something else - but then the audio clicks off.]

[Private to Ollie]

You about ready for that fresh start?

[Private to Alex]

Maybe that wasn't fair of me. Sorry.

[Private to the Admiral]

The cot in the cave really isn't cutting it anymore. I'd like my room from Titans Tower added in - I assume that's possible. Having some place people could come into would be pretty useful.

[...] Keep the door like it is, though. [He does not want a break in ever, okay B(]
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Tim Drake
25 January 2013 @ 10:43 am
So that was...weird.

[Tim doesn't really want to bother saying anything at all, but he knows the value of a 'seriously, I'm fine and acting normal' show, even when you don't feel fine and normal at all.]

At least those kinds of floods don't happen that often. [Of course he knows, he's read just about everything he has access to, but it's still not particularly comforting.]

Still, the scenery was pretty groovy, man. [A little 'I'm-sorry-I-had-to' laugh. See? FINE AND NORMAL.]

I wish I...he...whoever I was then had been more into cars. I know I say a 1960 Ford Galaxy around town; did someone own that, or was it just there to pad the background? And the Impala? That was a pretty sweet car. [WISTFUL SIGH and all right, he has sent the message, he can click off and go back to brooding now.]

[Private to Peter]

I literally cannot remember the last time I was in a comic shop.

[Private to Ivy]

[Does he just keep ignoring it or do they talk about it. Tim would love to just never ever broach the subject, but. His relationship with her was closer than what he had with his real mom, or his step mom, and that is kind of hard to swallow.]

People have said the memories from these things fade. [He knows because stalker. And she's been here longer than him, so he might as well find out if she - if they are going to remember this months and months down the line.]

Do they?
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Tim Drake
12 January 2013 @ 11:06 pm
[The audio clicks on first, and for a moment there's silence, then an in drawn breath - and the video clicks on. Tim looks unsettled, and makes himself give a sheepish, uncertain smile. He even lifts his hand and gives a little wave.]

So, I had this speech all rehearsed and ready to go - 'Hi, my name's Tim, I like long walks on the beach and moonlit nights and apple pie' - and then I did some reading. [The smile slips a little, and he pushes hair out of his eyes, looking away for a moment before he decides to stop forcing the smile.]

Apparently, I've been here before. The only thing is, I definitely don't remember it. And trust me, I'd know if I had been some place like this. It's kind of hard to forget. So, with that out of the way...

[He smiles again, shrugs, and waves one more time.] Hi. I'm Tim. I'm a new warden here, and I guess I'll look forward to knowing you all as well as some of you knew...him.

[And just before he clicks off the feed, the smiles drops away again and he frowns hard, angry and unsettled; it's only been a year since the Crisis for him, and doubles are never anything to nod and smile at.]

[Private to Steph]

[He doesn't know how to do this, what to say or do, if he should say or do anything at all - but eventually, he sets the filter, and turns his feed back on, putting on his 'I'm not sure what I'm feeling so I'm going to look totally neutral' mask.]


[Private to the Admiral]

[And now Tim can look properly frustrated and a little amused and a little ticked off, and he is just holding up one of the many mini cameras he placed in the halls when he first arrived.]

You know, I watched every minute of every single one of these tapes now, and they all show terrible toy infomercials from the 80s. Do you have any idea what it's like, listening to those over and over and over again?

[He tosses the camera aside, shaking his head.] Message received loud and clear. No cameras.

You could have just said something when you made your offer, you know.
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Tim Drake
25 December 2012 @ 05:03 pm
I'm nothing like anyone. )
Tim Drake
20 December 2012 @ 10:39 pm
cr chart )
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Tim Drake
17 December 2012 @ 01:24 pm
[The video clicks on as Tim is sitting back down, and he glances at the camera once before looking down. He doesn't look like he's rethinking this post - just like he's gathering his thoughts. When he's ready, he looks up again, ready to make eye contact with anyone watching.]

I'm about a month shy of being here for three years. I've had three inmates. Two of them graduated. [There's the tiniest flicker; David reminded him too much of Dodge, and neither of them got the chances they needed. But it passes quickly.] Luther's gone, now, and I sat down a few hours ago to figure out what my next deal should be for. And at some point I realized - I could be doing that again in a year. And a year after that. And maybe five years after that. I could still be playing negotiator with the Admiral when I'm thirty.

And I don't want to spend my life here. I don't want to finish growing up here.

I've made a lot of mistakes, and there are - so many things, people I could make deals for, here. I could change everything back home. I could leave here in fifteen years and be a teenager again in a completely new world. [And there's a dull light in his eyes as he looks into some middle distance, like he can see that world and it's good.]

But you know what? My life back home wasn't that bad. People there need me. Gotham needs me. [That is as close as he'll get to openly admitting that he's a masked vigilante.] And I would - give anything to see my dad again, but I know he'd be disappointed in me for wasting years here just for him. And I don't want to disappoint him.

[He ducks his head, smiling a little down at his lap.] I won't disappoint him.

So I'm leaving. [He looks back up, and the smile is a little sad, but it's confident. It might even be content.] Tonight. It's been...[He laughs quietly.] It's been real.

[Private to Dick]

Any chance you'll take Jinks? I think it'd be inhumane to take him with me.

[Note for Kon, left in his room]

I'll be gone by the time you're back, but I didn't want to leave you empty handed. I'm glad to have met you, even if you had to be here for it to happen. The formula for the serum's on the back of this, and I left a sample, just in case.

Take care of yourself. And take care of everyone else.


[Private to Jason]

You're still an asshole, but don't waste this. [He will probably not be replying, he still doesn't want to talk to you bro, you tried to kill him too many times. B(]

[Private to the Admiral]

I want to visit some people who have gone before I go back to Gotham. I'm sure you can make that happen.

(OOC: Open to all kinds of goodbye spam! And don't remove him yet, he'll be back. 8])
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Tim Drake
24 November 2012 @ 10:50 pm
[He doesn't bother filtering this; he doesn't know if he lost time, if he hurt people he doesn't remember even talking to, so he keeps it open. The days have given him a chance to keep his shit together, at least.]

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Everything I said - I didn't mean it. I wasn't myself, I was [my future-monster-self] something else. And I'd never say the things I did. I'm sorry.

[He falls silent for a few beats, and exhales slowly.]

We missed Thanksgiving.
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Tim Drake
19 November 2012 @ 01:49 pm
[When the audio clicks on, it's very quiet - the sort of silence that's bone deep, the kind you feel in the middle of the woods during a snow storm. Tim takes his time before speaking, and when he does, his voice is a little deeper than usual.]

I hate the snow. Just reminds me of the times Gotham almost froze over. Kind of reminds me of Gotham in general, I guess. There's all this pure, untouched snow - and then you walk, or drive through it, and it gets ruined, mixes with dirt, turns to slush and soaks through your clothes until all you can feel is cold.

I hate it.

[The audio clicks off, but a few beats later, it comes back:] I think there's an attic. I'm gonna check it out.

[Private to Kon]

Everything still feeling, uh - not deteriorating? [He's a little less delicate than normal, but it's not ringing an alarm bells for him.]

[Private to friends]

I'm heading up. Anyone want to come?

[A beat, and he takes a sharp breath, then lets it out. Whatever concerned him stopped concerning him pretty quickly.] And yell if you find anything interesting. I want to look around.
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Tim Drake
29 September 2012 @ 07:58 pm
[The audio clicks on, and Tim's quiet for a moment, like he's rethinking alerting the Barge at all. There's a very quiet sigh, and then something that might have been a meow.]

Claudia's gone. I've got her cat, but all her stuff is gone. Looks like the Admiral changed his mind again. [The bitterness is audible, and he clicks the communicator off.]

[Filtered to Cass, Aya, Buffy, Steph]

[A little while after his first announcement, he adds a few messages:] How are you guys doing?

[Private to Kon]

Hey. [God he really doesn't know how to do this on the best of days, and this is not the best of days. This isn't the Kon he grew up with, this isn't the Kon who's saved his life, and whose he's saved. Although the latter isn't quite true anymore. Tim pauses for a long moment; he doesn't even know if Kon will be awake, or bother replying to this when he is.] Just checking in, I guess. I don't know. Don't worry about this when you wake up.

[Private to Luther]

Got a minute?
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Tim Drake
04 September 2012 @ 11:11 am
[Warden Filter | voice]

I, ah. [He falters for a moment, not altogether sure he wants to ask this to the wardens as a whole; but he gathers himself, and powers through.]

I know we're really severely lacking in psychologists here, but I was hoping someone would have experience dealing with suicidal thoughts. [He pauses, and there's some shuffling in the background.] Mine is kind of..lacking. I could use the help.

[And hastily added later:] Uh, not for me - sorry.I'm asking on behalf of a friend.

[Private to Tosh]

Is there any chance you have some free time on your hands?

[Private to Kon]

[Hnn he has been putting this off - BECAUSE IT WENT SO WELL IN HIS UNIVERSE - but that isn't fair to Kon, in the end. So eventually, he'll get around to sending this message.]

Is there a Lex Luthor in your universe?

[Private to Dean]

I made some headway on his DNA. [He would very much like an abort button but he is a Responsible Adult so he has to ping Dean on this. Even if it's a few weeks/months late]

[Private to Kara | video]

I seem to recall agreeing to watch a movie. You wanted a romance, right? [He knows how to tease! Even if it's a little stiff, because everything else he has going on right now is pretty serious.]

[Private to Ivy]

[He wasn't going to add this note at all, and has definitely written and deleted a few drafts before settling on:] How are you doing?

[Private to Tony | video]

[The video clicks on for this one, and Tim is looking maaaybe a little smug.] I worked out the kinks in the coding. [And he personalized it. A little. Okay, more than a little.] Say hello to Alfred 2.0. I think I'll call him Alfie.

[A mechanical, British voice comes across the feed, disembodied because it's coming from his computer.] If you must, sir.

[Okay Tim is looking pretty smug.]
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Tim Drake
02 August 2012 @ 01:29 pm
[Tim is running a hand over his face as he clicks the video feed on, and for a few seconds he's just staring into the camera blankly. Then he shakes his head.]

I really...never want to be thirteen again.

[Private to Luther]

So how was it, revisiting high school?
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Tim Drake
16 July 2012 @ 12:56 pm
[There is some very tiny meowing in the background, if anyone's listening close enough.]

Claudia's gone too, if anyone's looking for her. Looks like she's coming back. [But he sounds not super okay because WHAT DOES THIS NOTE MEAN, CLAUDIA, HE IS V. CONFUSED. :C]

[Private to Willow]

If you need something, I'll do my best to deal with it.

[Private to Dick]

Can we get a drink or something? Or will you lecture me.

[Private to Kirk]

Just tell me straight up, is asking you for advice a monumentally terrible idea?
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Tim Drake
07 July 2012 @ 05:43 pm
So Claudia had this great idea a few weeks ago, and given the lightness of the mood around here lately...Well, we were thinking laser tag would be a great addition to the Barge. I've been messing around with laser weapons, and vests - it's a really basic transmit/receive system - and I might have a few almost finished prototypes.

Would anyone actually be interested in a game? [Slightly sheepish, he isn't sure if he's too old to be asking about laser tag, but laser tag is awesome so shut up doubts.] We could throw in elements of capture the flag, make it really involved. It would be a good way to spend some excess energy, I figure.

[Private to Claudia]

Hope you don't mind I spilled the beans, but I do have a prototype, if you want to take a look at it. It's still really basic. [I.e., feel free to upgrade it. 8)]

[Private to Dick]

Want to watch a movie?

[Private to Sara]

Hey, uh. This is a little awkward, but Dick mentioned running into you during port. Did he seem...himself?

[Private to Luther]

How do you feel about basketball?

[Open spam]

[Usually, Tim would just eat in his cabin. He had his whole apartment in there, and his kitchen tended to be better stocked than the Barge kitchen, especially when they were low on help and they ate sandwiches for days on end. Tim had gotten picky(er) about his food in the past few years, and day after day of ham sandwiches were not conducive to putting on spandex and kevlar and doing backflips.

So normally, he'd keep to his dining room, with his egg whites and his salads, but today he was tired of staring at the same walls, with no one there to eat with. So he headed out in the afternoon, pausing long enough to lock his door (which looked simple as a key in a lock, but really was much more complex than that because Tim is a paranoid weirdo) before heading down the corridor to the mess hall. There he got the dreaded, calorie consuming sandwich, and a soda. He hadn't had a Zesti in way too long, and what they had here wasn't an exact match, but it was close enough.

He picked a table closer to the center of the hall than he usually sat, but kept his back to the emptiest section, keeping the entrance in view. Old habits die hard.]
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Tim Drake
31 May 2012 @ 08:50 pm
[Warden Filter]

[Just before the end of port:] I think I've found a cure for the Titan. I can't say one hundred percent, but if anyone feels like they'd rather trust this than the Admiral, I've got it. Your choice.

[Private to Dick]

[This is his silent sorry I haven't been in the field. :c Also before port ends.] I wanted to leave them with their best possible chance.

[After port ends - Private to friends and anyone he's been guiding to in-need areas]

Check in.

[Private to Luther]

[and a while later, after he's changed and safely hidden in his room and you know, wearing clothes again:]

Looks like it's a good thing we ran into each other when we did.

[Open Spam]

[And just like that, they're back. He got the cure to the police just in time, it seemed. They'd have a shot. They could make it.

He closed his eyes and smiled; behind his eyelids, he could see it. Batman diving into the fray, criminals running terrified. He'd been close enough, on a lower roof, to see the Bat symbol on his chest, and thought Dick could look a lot like him in the suit, Tim had known he was looking at Bruce. He was alive, he was back, and that - and the cure - would have to be good enough. That Gotham wouldn't implode on itself again.

Tim leaned back against the railing on the deck - why couldn't he have wound up in his room? - and laughed. The costume was still on, his cape felt heavy around his shoulders, and the mask was in place. He knew he couldn't stay here like this, but he paused and laughed anyway, because Bruce was back in that universe, too. Bruce always came back, it seemed.

He didn't have a problem with that.

When the aches and exhaustion of the past few days settled on him, heavier than his cape, Tim pushed away from the rail and headed into the Barge. He'd duck into the nearest inmate bathroom and change; enough people had popped up in underwear that walking back in that wouldn't be too conspicuous. He'd managed to stay mostly out of sight for the entire port, he'd hate to be spotted now.]

((OOC: Other tags are forthcoming, I promise, I've just been super slow lately and wanted to get this out before too much time had passed. :C))
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Tim Drake
28 May 2012 @ 10:10 pm
All right, I need everyone to listen up. Gotham's a big city, and there are a lot of people still trapped here. Worse, there more people who want to take advantage of this. I know most of you have seen this first hand by now. I've got the equipment and the experience here to keep eyes on most of the city, but I'm going to need cooperation here. I know a lot of you want to help, and that's all I'm asking for here.

Robinson Park, for the time being, is off limits. [He sees your monster trees on satellite, Ivy, and he does not like. B|] But there's a situation in Aparo Park that needs attention; ping me for details. [Because he knows not everyone listening is keen on helping, and he isn't about to make things worse for these people.] Same for the Heights; if anyone can spare the time and attention, I've got a lot of places that need to be hit.

[Edited in a few minutes later:] There's a drug called Titan on the streets. It seems to have a direct physical affect - basically an instant bulk up. Can't speak for the side effects, but if it's based on Venom - and I'd guess it is - then I'm willing to bet there are some ugly ones. If you run into anyone on this stuff, be careful - and send me any info you can.

Privates to Cassie, Superboy, Steph, Shego, Kirk, Steve, Merlin, Buffy, Dean, Sara, Dracula, Claire, Ivy, Nygma, and Crane. )

((OOC: Yup Tim's doing just what I promised and playing dispatch/micromanaging everything he can. I promise I don't mean to spoil anything and saying no is totally cool, but Tim will be a bitch about it because he just wants to make Gotham safe damn it, she is his baby. If you need any details on the locations, you can ping me, I have spent way too much time on Gotham locales, idk what my life is. :c))
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Tim Drake
23 May 2012 @ 01:11 pm
I would consider selling a kidney for some of Snape's dreamless sleep potions. Does anyone know how to make them? Or...any version of them, really. I'll take anything. [Because lol despite it being over, he is not sleeping easily at all. He's down to maybe an hour or two, and man it sucks.]

[Private to Merlin]

You wouldn't have an, I don't know, sleep drought on hand, would you? [Potions are so not his go to, but. You learn to make exceptions.

And also there are other things to talk about, huh.]
Do you, uh. Remember that dream? [Totally vague here. On the off chance Merlin forgot he's a masked crime fighter. :v]

[Private to Superboy]

I've been examining your DNA sample. [Hn to do this over the network or in person.] We should talk. Come by my room.

[Private to Shego]

This only talking during floods and when things go horribly wrong thing kind of sucks. [Can we maybe work this out :c]

[Private to Steph]

How was the party? [Not 'why did Claire go running to your door to squeal with you.' Not yet. :v]
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