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[The video clicks on as Tim is sitting back down, and he glances at the camera once before looking down. He doesn't look like he's rethinking this post - just like he's gathering his thoughts. When he's ready, he looks up again, ready to make eye contact with anyone watching.]

I'm about a month shy of being here for three years. I've had three inmates. Two of them graduated. [There's the tiniest flicker; David reminded him too much of Dodge, and neither of them got the chances they needed. But it passes quickly.] Luther's gone, now, and I sat down a few hours ago to figure out what my next deal should be for. And at some point I realized - I could be doing that again in a year. And a year after that. And maybe five years after that. I could still be playing negotiator with the Admiral when I'm thirty.

And I don't want to spend my life here. I don't want to finish growing up here.

I've made a lot of mistakes, and there are - so many things, people I could make deals for, here. I could change everything back home. I could leave here in fifteen years and be a teenager again in a completely new world. [And there's a dull light in his eyes as he looks into some middle distance, like he can see that world and it's good.]

But you know what? My life back home wasn't that bad. People there need me. Gotham needs me. [That is as close as he'll get to openly admitting that he's a masked vigilante.] And I would - give anything to see my dad again, but I know he'd be disappointed in me for wasting years here just for him. And I don't want to disappoint him.

[He ducks his head, smiling a little down at his lap.] I won't disappoint him.

So I'm leaving. [He looks back up, and the smile is a little sad, but it's confident. It might even be content.] Tonight. It's been...[He laughs quietly.] It's been real.

[Private to Dick]

Any chance you'll take Jinks? I think it'd be inhumane to take him with me.

[Note for Kon, left in his room]

I'll be gone by the time you're back, but I didn't want to leave you empty handed. I'm glad to have met you, even if you had to be here for it to happen. The formula for the serum's on the back of this, and I left a sample, just in case.

Take care of yourself. And take care of everyone else.


[Private to Jason]

You're still an asshole, but don't waste this. [He will probably not be replying, he still doesn't want to talk to you bro, you tried to kill him too many times. B(]

[Private to the Admiral]

I want to visit some people who have gone before I go back to Gotham. I'm sure you can make that happen.

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Sure. Do you want me to come pick him up?

[We discussed this, you're so not getting away with leaving without saying a proper goodbye. B(]


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[First Dean, now Tim. This is getting to be too much.]

But... you're coming back, right?


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private audio

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Here's to hoping you won't need it, but....good luck out there, Tim.
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Up yours too, Drake. I don't need your little words of wisdom to make sure I do whatever it is I need to do in this place. [Which is his way of saying he doesn't plan to waste it.]
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[Her smile is soft and proud, when she finally allows it.]

He would be proud of you, Tim.

Even more than I am.


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Good luck, kid.
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[Aya would be saddened to see him go, but pleased that he was leaving on his own terms, after multiple successes and a long duration abord.]

I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
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[Later in the evening][private]

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Tim? Tim, are you still here?


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[Some of this hits a little close to home for Mr. "Why Not Just Live on the Barge Forever," but he shakes it off and offers Tim a smile.] Congrats, man. Two inmates is-- that's awesome. Good luck. You know, out there.
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[ Steph just smiles. She'll see him again. She's not worried. ]

Guess I'll have to cancel your Christmas present. You know we'll miss you around here.


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[What does 'it's been real' mean?] I wish you well at home, Tim.


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What was your first deal? [ Curious ]