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Tim Drake ([personal profile] peektuttut) wrote2013-02-05 11:23 am

♖ | 003 | Voice

[When the audio comes on, there's some quiet, distant clinking, like broken glass is being swept up.]

Cloning's come a long way in the past decade. Things we thought impossible suddenly easy, things we never dreamed of are just within our reach. We can restructure DNA to weed out naturally occurring mistakes, save lives before there's an actual life in danger. Most people think of cloning, and think of some guy stepping into a chamber, and his identical copy walking out, but that's not how it works.

--And if that's how it works in your world, I'd be interested to hear about it.

We can clone organisms, even people, to some extent, but there's no way to pop out a fully grown copy. It's asexual reproduction, and like normal reproduction, the clone has to grow and age. It can develop a separate personality, obtain different memories.

[More clinking; it sounds like he's doing some sweeping, and for a moment, he's quiet.]

It's a clone genetically, identical on a molecular level - but the copy is nothing like the original. You can't produce a real clone. There's no such thing.

[Another pause, and he takes a breath, thinking about saying something else - but then the audio clicks off.]

[Private to Ollie]

You about ready for that fresh start?

[Private to Alex]

Maybe that wasn't fair of me. Sorry.

[Private to the Admiral]

The cot in the cave really isn't cutting it anymore. I'd like my room from Titans Tower added in - I assume that's possible. Having some place people could come into would be pretty useful.

[...] Keep the door like it is, though. [He does not want a break in ever, okay B(]

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